Some of the best dives are in locations that are subject to strong currents. With currents, come food in the form of plankton. In turn, the food attracts small fish, which attract larger predatory fish and animals and so the cycle continues. This creates a diverse ecology. Rather than getting worried about currents, read on. The following tips and tricks will ensure you get the most out of your diving by not missing out on some spectacular current prone dives and, most importantly, stay safe.

Nusa Lembongan and its bigger sister, Nusa Penida, known as the haven for divers. The dive sites around two islands might have strong current and requires skills to conquer.

Here are some tips to deal with this kind of sites:

  1. Planning and Briefing
  2. Decide If You’re Going With or Against the Current
  3. Keep Low, Get Streamlined and Weight Correctly
  4. Decide What Gear to Take
  5. Final Considerations
  6. Stay safe, if you are without experience its best to dive with an experienced guide

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Planet Nomadas – Sum it up !

Planet Nomadas is a PADI dive center located in the heart of Sanur, Bali – Indonesia. We are doing daily dive trips, dive combos, dive safaris around bali, PADI dive course, liveaboards.

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And not only that !!! Apart from your diving interest, we also welcoming you into our freediving course and trips, surfing trips, and eco program… to meet your passion towards the mother sea.

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We will ensure your safety, and enjoyable experience is guaranteed!

Planet Nomadas es un Centro de buceo PADI situado en el centro de Sanur, Bali- Indonesia. Con nosotros podras organizar tus escursiones o safaris de buceo alrededor Bali, cursos, cruceros y mucho mas. Te damos la bienvenida a nuestro pequeño rincon donde compartir tu pasion por el mar.

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